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The Aesthetics Loft empowers individuals to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin through undetectable, non-surgical aesthetic treatments. We believe that true beauty starts with personalized approach, expert-driven excellence, and education. We combine advanced techniques with a down-to-earth, personable touch to help you achieve natural rejuvenation and enhance your unique features.

Our goal is to empower you to embrace your best self, both inside and out. We partner with you to understand your desired outcomes and create a customized treatment plan that delivers real, lasting results. Together, we can rewrite the script on beauty, revealing a more confident, radiant you.

– Hajrie Sulejmani, Owner

Hajrie Sulejmani


Hajrie Sulejmani combines artistry with medical expertise, utilizing innovative techniques to achieve subtle yet impactful results, focusing on enhancing your natural features. She’s taken advanced training in her home country of Albania and also in the U.S. to get her patients the best results.

Hajrie, with over six years of experience, combines her deep medical knowledge with an artistic touch to deliver outstanding results in cosmetic treatments. She is passionate about helping patients receive the rest of the goals to personalize and natural-looking results. She is a member of multiple aesthetic organizations with in-home specialized training and facial rejuvenation techniques.

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